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As you build and grow your government contracting organization, working with the federal government can be a constantly evolving game of "catch up", which makes managing proposals and projects increasingly challenging.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a team of experienced advisors, we help your organization streamline and increase success with your proposals, compliance and project completion, so you can focus on your core competencies: delivering quality services.

As your business and projects run smoothly, so does your income and control.

Who we help

We have a 360-degree approach to government contracting. Whether it's contract management, proposal writing, project management, workflow improvement, compliance or prime/sub support, we’re ready to serve.

Contracts range from 1 year to 5 years.

Prime Contractors

Whether you are a new govcon organization or "an old hat" at this, we can help you setup, maintain, improve, create and resolve circumstances with DCAA/DCMA, DS-1, annual ICE submissions, submitting effective and successful proposals, managing contracts documentation requirements, and support with project management.


We help you create and grow your organization by providing the necessary compliance and/or affiliations needed to work with the federal government.

What's Our Process?

Book a brief intro appointment

Start your success journey by talking with an advisor. We can set up an appointment via phone or Zoom. There's no charge for this brief introduction call.

First consultation

We’ll ask you some questions to discover your current situation and needs. Then, we’ll tell you how we can help you move forward towards your goals. You can ask question us too.

Discovery & Project Plan

We will provide you with a customized action plan based on your organization's requirements. It includes timeline and resources needed. All required and optional fees will be designated.

Implement the plan

We start working within the agreed timeline. We also offer ongoing services depending on your circumstances and requirements.

"No matter what we needed, SSD was there to guide us at every turn."

— J.B. (Founder of GovCon Organization)