10 Pillars of
Loving Leadership

by Andie Monet

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L.S.G Leadership Model represents a simple premise:

That Love, Support, & Guidance is Critical. Why?

Andie Monet (click here for Bio) has consulted for over 35 years. From Fortune 500 companies to small foreign and domestic governments, and small business to non profits.

Before asking "Why", it is important to define "Leadership".

(1. MORALLY) Andie resonates with a definition of leadership that defines it as "While a manager manages people, a leader seeks to create more leaders." It's premise is that we bring out the best in people;

(leaders want to make a difference = leader) Andie

(2. EMPLOYEES) We empower people by giving them the freedom to consider, define, and create "better-ness" in their lives and work. When we give people this freedom, they expand their own possibilities, create their own successes, learn and build confidence. This results in 3 things: happier employees, more productive employees, more effective "in the trenches" solutions, less missed work days, more motivated. people feel valued, and even understood, if (done) well.

(3. PERSONAL) This carries into their personal lives: households, relationships, parenting, friendships. It creates less strive in the home. It creates more confident and loved children.

(4. COMMUNITIES - organic systems) It also effects communities because there is a ripple effect. As people feel empowered, they naturally tend to want empower, support, and contribute to other people, movements, and success. And finally, the more we come together as communities and economies, we can make a global impact. But this is not just creating success for, literally, everyone.

(5. personal finances) consistent, stable income; credit better; neighborhoods; quality of life due to stable finances;

(6. SOCIO-ECONOMICS) It decreases crime, which decreases economic losses, which can increase standard of living. It can also create less abusive relationships (children grow up healthier). (taking LSG to it's optimal level of possibility). increases standard of living. decreases prison and "public good" costs. which decreases PTSD of public employees.

(7. personal finance and GROWTH) could create confidence, mindset, and opportunities to better work and entrepreneur possibilities. thereby creating higher financial possibilities.

(8. business FINANCIAL it creates increased profitability (due to more efficiences and productivity), increased revenues (due to lower costs), decreased costs (due to less missed work).

(9. GLOBAL) It's also about creating increased competitive advantage in companies, industries, and nations;

So, back to the question: "Why"?