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Explosive Profits

Crash Course

30-years in the making! This jump-in-and-get-dirty program designed to transform you from a small business owner to a corporate executive in your own business!

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*Courses typically occur once a month

Why Attend?

This course will give you the

  • tools,
  • templates, and
  • knowledge

THAT will start your journey from a "small business owner" to leader, influencer, expert AND "corporate executive" in your own company.

Is This You?

  • Feel like you could run your business better, but don't know how or where to start?
  • Are you having challenges with keeping up with your growth?
  • Want to spend more time with children or family?
  • Learn where and how to streamline your business!
  • Learn where and how to increase revenue with and without adding new clients!
  • Learn how and where to add more automation!
  • Looking to work less hours without losing revenue?

RSVP Now to find out how easy-to-learn strategies can make a big impact in your business, your revenue, and your life!

$197 $97 Promo

Andie Monet,

Business Optimization Expert

5 Actions or Tools in 5 days!

You'll get an idea of how to move towards your next big growth phase!



Learn how to brainstorm where to direct your business next, no matter how long you've been in business.



Learn the fundamental secrets of what your financial statements reveal, as well as how to organize them better.



Learn how and where to streamline your business so you can save time, effort, and money.



Learn how to create new business and make more sales with existing customers.


75% of people don't hear you, understand you, or care. Learn easy ways to communicate so they DO hear, DO care, and do understand.

Are you ready?

Start your Explosive Profits journey!

Certified Community Testimonials

"Andie brings an unparalleled level of deep understanding to business development, finance, and accounting. She is positive and great to work with!"

Virginia B - Director of Finance

"Andie is a gold nugget in a river of pebbles. She has so much experience in solving both simple and complex business challenges that it is frankly hard to believe...Andie is a bargain for the quality and effectiveness of what you get from her!"

Kevin B - CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants a crash course in running a business more strategically, gain more confidence, and have better clarity on what to do next to grow a business.

What can I expect from the 5-day Crash Course?

We will meet live for one-hour each day for a week in a Zoom group setting. In addition, you will also receive a workbook and templates in addition to group training. These group sessions will be recorded for your convenience to replay or if you miss a session.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Additional Support during the 5-days or before or after the course ends?

You will be able to submit and ask questions during the live weekly office hours sessions via Zoom. You can also email us for additional customized support up to a 2 weeks later.

What happens after the 5 day ends?

You will have access to your recorded group sessions. You are also welcome to submit email questions for up to 2 weeks after the course ends to get additional support. There are also more comprehensive courses that go into more detail, as well as a forthcoming webinar subscription for "ala carte" DIY lessons.

Is there a refund policy?

We do not provide refunds since you get immediate access to lessons and workbooks upon payment.