UPDATED FOR Winter 2021

Explosive Profits PROGRAM -
Cash & Financial Tools, Techniques & Strategies Module

that don't add costs or hours

This program is the FINANCIAL STRAEGIES module, which focuses on strategically understanding, building, and forecasting the financial expectations and success of your business.

This course will give you the tools, templates, and knowledge to PREPARE you to move from "small business owner" to leader, influencer, expert AND corporate executive" in your own company.

Don't let your business run by the seat of your pants, but as a confident, deliberate, and STRATEGIC powerhouse that I will become.

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Core Fundamentals of
Explosive Profits C-Suite Toolbox Program

CEO Role

Chief Executive Officer's Responsibilities revolve around vision, strategy, and development.


Pillars 2, 8, 9

CFO Role

Chief Financial Officer's Responsibilities revolve around, obviously, finances. How to manage, & effectively use.

Pillars 1, 4, 5

COO Role

Chief Operating Officer's responsibilities revolve around processes, workflow, and fulfilling orders/sales.

Pillars 3, 6, 7

9 Pillars of Explosive Profits without adding costs or hours

This course is designed to build your understanding and know-how through strategic and practical application of the methodologies in easy-to-understand examples:

These are the same methodologies that Andie Monet has used with Fortune 500 companies, foreign and domestic governments, and over 1,000 small businesses that have increased revenue and profits by as much as 300% in only 1 to 4 months!

Take control of your business, your finances, and your success!


Pillar 1: Fundamentals

Critical tools, knowledge and skills that will be used in implementing strategies in the remaining Pillars.


Pillar 2: Business Development

Increase REVENUE by understanding how to identify, create, and taking action on revenue-growth opportunities based on the vision and fundamental plan.


Pillar 3: Costs of Goods/Sales

Strategically decrease Cost of Goods Sold (or Cost of Sales) so that it costs less to fulfill orders, complete projects, or perform services.


Pillar 4: Cash & Financial Forecasting

Understand where finances are "connected", how to improve them, and how to plan for them.


Pillar 5: Cycles

Understand what a cycle is, how it directly determines your profits, customer service satisfaction, and cash flow.


Pillar 6: Processes & Procedures

Streamlining processes and procedures can save time, which results in time that can be devoted to new business creation or less labor costs.


Pillar 7: I.T. Systems & Infrastructure

Optimizing existing I.T. and Systems infrastructure can create less manual error, more automation, and visibility on revenue generating opportunities.


Pillar 8: Existing Products/Services

Increase REVENUE by learning how to use existing products/services with different options and opportunities for clients. 


Pillar 9: New Products/Services

Increase REVENUE by learning what are the easiest, fastest options for new products/services that make the most sense.

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Certified Community Testimonials

"Andie brings an unparalleled level of deep understanding to business development, finance, and accounting. She is positive and great to work with!"

Virginia B - Director of Finance

"Andie is a gold nugget in a river of pebbles. She has so much experience in solving both simple and complex business challenges that it is frankly hard to believe...Andie is a bargain for the quality and effectiveness of what you get from her!"

Kevin B - CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants a crash course in running a business more strategically, gain more confidence, and have better clarity on what to do next to grow a business.

What can I expect from the 6-week course?

We will meet live for one-hour each week as a group. In addition, you will also receive a workbook and templates in addition to group training. These group sessions will be recorded for your convenience to replay or if you miss a session.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Additional Support during the 6-weeks?

You will be able to submit and ask questions during the live weekly office hours sessions via Zoom. You can also email us for additional customized support..

What happens after the 6-weeks?

You will have access to your recorded group sessions. You are also welcome to submit email questions for up to 2 weeks after the course ends to get additional support. There are also more comprehensive courses that go into more detail, as well as a forthcoming webinar subscription for "ala carte" DIY lessons.

Is there a refund policy?

We can provide a credit if there are extenuating circumstances.