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What readers say


“Andie Monet's ... is an uplifting and inspirational story ...no matter how many struggles life can bring, anyone has the option to still make life happen.”

Natalie N
Managing Partner, USA


"Andie Monet is that rare person who really cares...[and] offers tools that even the most experienced entrepreneur can learn, appreciate, and adopt”

Virginia B
Director of Finance, USA


"What a great read! Andie Monet...[is] truly inspiring, with 8 gold nuggets of wisdom..."

Kevin B

About the Featured Author

Andie started her journey at 16 years old when she woke up one day to find herself homeless when her single mother abandoned her. So she created her own future: She graduated high school, started college, and started her first business all at the age of 16.

Her passion is with being the support, friend, and business expert that she did not not have when she started her first business.

When she's not helping businesses, she can be found building her non-profit to support youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills.

“Andie” Monet is a Top Business Optimization Expert and international bestselling author, has spoken at places like the U.S. Air Force Academy and on stages with leaders like Les Brown, and has advised Fortune 500 companies, foreign and domestic governments, and over 1,000 small businesses for over 3 decades, in 22 industries, and 10 countries.   

With over 3 decades of knowledge and experience, Andie applies the same systems, insights and elbow grease that have rebuilt nations to help small business owners.  Her strategic solutions and tools move businesses from “just” growth to explosive growth and profits almost overnight, while meeting people where they are in their experience and skill-level.

Andie Monet, CEO

Strategic Solutions & Development International, Inc

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